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Good health shouldn't be a luxury. At Lightning Fresh, our services can protect your health. In fact, our process is worry-free, easy on the environment and our rates are often half the cost of our competitors.

    Proven results for all athletes.

    Bacteria growth is highest and hardest to reach on the inside surfaces of sports gear. In fact, the typical skate and hockey glove has 100 times the bacteria of any other piece of gear.

    The hand often sustains cuts and scrapes and is unprotected when placed inside bacteria-filled gloves.  This poses a high risk of infection.

    Through independent lab testing, the Fresh Gear Cyclone has been proven very effective in killing bacteria in these difficult situations, as shown in the chart above (swabs were taken on the inside of gloves, skates and chest padding).

    In these lab tests, bacteria counts(CFU) before the Fresh Gear process were greater than 1 million! Yet the Cyclone was up to the challenge and virtually eliminated the bacteria. In as little as 20 minutes you can have fresh gear and peace of mind. Our location offers team discounts and mobile services. Contact the Lightning Fresh to confirm available services and prices.

    We also complete professonal repairs to hockey gloves , goalie pads , blockers and catchers.

    Fresh Gear Independent Lab Results


    Prices shown do not include applicable taxes.

    *We also do repairs to hockey gloves ....  . 

    $39.99 1 FULL SET of hockey goalie gear. 
    Includes cleaning of face mask/helmet, 2 goal pads, 1 trapper, 1 blocker, 1 chest protector,1 jock/jill, 1 equipment bag, 1 pair of skates, 1 pair of pants.
    $29.99 1 FULL SET of hockey gear.
    Includes cleaning of helmet, 2 shin guards, 2 gloves, 2 elbow pads, 1 shoulder pad, 1 jock/jill, 1 equipment bag, 1 pair of skates, 1 pair of pants
    $29.99 1 FULL SET of lacrosse gear.
    Includes cleaning of helmet, 2 shin guards, 2 gloves, 2 elbow pads, 1 chest protector, 1 pair of shoes or boots
      1 FULL SET of football gear.
      Includes cleaning of helmet, 1 rib pad, 1 shoulder pad, 1 pair of cleats



    $9.99 1 Helmet (or) 1 pair of Shoes / Cleats (or) 1 pair of Gloves
      Group Discounts

      When you focus on their health, they can focus on the game. Fresh Gear is proud to offer volume discounts and on-site services specifically designed for teams, groups, schools, organizations and tournaments. Please contact us for details and availability of the programs and initiatives below.


      Group Discounts

      Discounts may be available when we clean 6 or more sets of equipment.

      Pickup and Delivery Services 

      Lightning Fresh will come to your game, pick up your team's gear and return it within 24 hours to your next game or practice.

      On-Site Services 

      Our unique process allows us to bring our cleaning machines to your equipment facility for large volume processing. This way your gear never has to leave your premises.



      Let us bring our machine to your next tournament to add to your available services and help your event standout.

      Team Fundraising 

      How would you like to use Lightning Fresh services to raise funds for your team or association? We have proven programs to help you raise funds and clean up the game!