New Features

    • 3 times increase in ozone flow and velocity means that sweat-soaked sports padding and fire bunker gear can now be dried, disinfected and deodorized simultaneously!
    • Penetrate even deeper down into fabrics and sports padding to reach and destroy even more germs
    • LCD touch screen control makes selecting variable cycle times and obtaining machine activity reports touch button easy.
    • Easier access to ozone generator.
    • Optional wire rack insert for sanitizing bulk loads of hard surface items.

    Same Great Features

    • No chemicals or expensive oils needed
    • Meets all international safety standards
    • Highest bacteria kill rate amongst chemical-free cleaning machines
    • Best odour-reducing results amongst chemical-free cleaning machines
    • Replace internal tubing in seconds to target a variety of items for cleaning.
    • For example: any type of clothing, footwear, helmets, fabrics, toys, computer accessories and more.
    • Removes nasty smells like smoke, cat urine and body odour, safely and chemical-free.


    Ozone is tremendously effective at killing bacteria, fungus, and mold. That is why Fresh Gear's patent-pending process forces ozone deep into the dense fibers of padding and hard-to-reach places like gloves and skates.



      How does it work?

      Below is a demonstrational video displaying how the machine is loaded with a full set of hockey gear. (Length: 1:27)


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